What Happens in Summer Camp? Let’s Ask These Monsters!

Example of a Day in Monsters Summer Ninja Hip-Hop Dance Camp

We have been doing summer dance camps at the dance studio for years. So we’re extra excited to be able to have a new kind of summer camp at GLOW starting this summer!

What does a day in summer camp look like? Let’s ask these monsters!

We will follow a similar format to our Storybook Ballet Summer Camps. For monsters in particular:

Hour 1: Dance, stretching, monster mashing!

The first hour will be dance and will include stretching, strengthening and learning hip-hop moves and some fun choreography – We will dance to music such as Monsters Inc. and Monster Mash.

Hour 2: Monsterrific Games

The second hour will be physical games and full of play – Some examples: “Monster Ninjas” on the Ninja Course, “Monster Bowl and Relay Races” on the Dodgeball Course, “Feed the Monsters” in Nerf Attack, and “Conquer Your Fears” in the Climb Zone.

Hour 3: Snack time! Projects time!

The third hour will be a little snack/lunch for the first part, and projects and reviewing the dance choreography until 12N. Even if you’re planning to pick-up at 12N, we recommend bringing a full lunch as kids are so active for the first two hours, they get extremely hungry and thirsty.

Projects will consist of art and creativity. For example: Creating monster costumes, decorating monster t-shirts, making monster slime, creating a scavenger hunt for the last day, making our own monsters and monster coloring.

After Party? Yes Please!

The “After Party” is similar to Open Play where kids will be able to play at GLOW with friends from camp with the GLOW team supervising. Most likely there will also be a dance party along with quiet glow games in case campers need a little time chill-out and recover.

We recommend wearing something comfortable and stretchy. GLOW socks are all that is required for footwear and of course outside shoes. Layers are always good as it can be chilly and the morning and with all of the activity, everyone gets warm quickly.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions, and sign up here 🙂
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