About our Studios

IAD offers three beautiful, spacious dance studios. All studios have sprung floors with mirrors, air conditioning and heating. See below for the details on each studio size and additional amenities. To view larger versions of each studio, click on the image.

  • iad-studio-a

    Studio A

    • 30 feet x 60 feet with 18 foot Ceilings
    • Ballet Barre
    • State of the Art Sound System with CD Player
    • Aux hookup for iPod or iPad
    • Piano

  • iad-studio-b

    Studio B

    • 30 feet x 40¬†feet with 18 foot Ceilings
    • Ballet Barre
    • Sound System with CD Player
    • Aux hookup for iPod or iPad
    • Cubbies for student belongings

  • iad-studio-c

    Studio C

    • 27 feet x 22 feet
    • Piano
    • Only studio available for tap shoes
    • Cubbies for student belongings

Thanks for reading about IAD dance studios! We hope this was informative and full of the facts you needed. If not, feel free to give us a call and we’ll gladly answer any and all of your questions.

To see our classes offered in these beautiful studios, visit this page (and then click on the Class Descriptions document center-page). Additionally, to see our instructors who teach in these studios, visit here.

Other Spaces

In addition to the three large studio spaces mentioned above, the International Academy of Dance (IAD) also provides bathrooms (changing room space), stretching area (commonly used for backpack storage), and lobby space (with a personable front-desk person ready to help you!).