Child/Teen Dance Classes Fall/Spring 2023/24

*Please note: This Schedule lists Child/Teen Dance Classes for Fall/Spring 2023/24 (August 18th, 2023 to June 14th, 2024) only—for Adult Classes, go here.

*Registration is open all year through April 15th as space permits. Please register as ealry as possible to gain the maximum benefit of each class and to guarantee your spot!

Child/Teen Dance Schedule Fall/Spring 2023/24

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Child Teen Fall Spring 2023-2024 Dance Class Schedule


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International Academy of Dance offers pre-professional dance training, starting at 2.5 years old! Monthly tuition is the same each month regardless of holidays or missed classes and is based on the period from 8/18/23-6/15/24 and is divided into 10.5 equal monthly payments beginning 8/18 or whenever classes begin. Tuition is due monthly on the first of each month. Tuition may be canceled at anytime by notifying the office in writing at least 10 days prior to the 1st of the month. Annual registration ($55) is due each academic year. Tuition is pro-rated based on start date.

*Teachers & schedule subject to change. Performance Team Ensemble (Ballet, Lyrical/Jazz, Tap) tuition is separate from IAD tuition.

Want to see the Child/Teen Class Schedule Broken Down By Level?

GIF of Child/Teen Fall/Spring 2023/24 Dance Classes Schedule, Highlighted by Level (Click links to the right to see each individual schedule)If the colorful schedule above is a little hard on your eyes, you can see each individual level’s classes here:

Mini Classes

I Classes

II Classes

III Classes

IV Classes

V/VI Classes


Child/Teen Fall Schedule FAQS

Ballet I students can go to Ballet Basics if they only wish to go one day a week.
Ballet II students can go to Beg Kids/Teen Ballet if they only wish to go one day a week.
Contact us and we will arrange additional classes for your dancer.
Please look out for our recommendations, if you danced with us last year!
There is no audition for Ballet Ensemble, though each dancer must be enrolled in the ballet (including conditioning) and lyrical classes of their level. Our Tap team also requires co-enrollment with Tap IV/V/VI, and our Lyrical/Jazz team requires co-enrollment in ballet (including conditioning), lyrical, contemporary/jazz, jazz jumps/turns, and acro/theater classes. A video audition is due 7/15:


Child/Teen Class Rates

*IAD only—Performance Team (Ballet, Lyrical/Jazz, and Tap) rates are separate.

Child/Teen Dance Classes Fall/Spring 2023/24 - Tuition Breakdown

Explanation on Rates

The three squares above show the different rates for tuition. And so, pricing per hour decreases as more hours per week are added. The lowest rate, for half an hour to an hour of dance class a week, is $98 per month. Pricing increases incrementally by $98 per extra hour of dance classes per week, until four hours is reached.

Once four hours are reached, the price shifts to just $82 per hour of dance per month, which means you can dance four hours a week, for just $369/month! This is a great tipping point in our scale, as for $75 more than the 3 hours per week bracket (priced at $294), you can have a whole extra hour of dance!

If you’d like this system to be broken down further, please contact us! Our number is 831-466-0458, or you can reach the front desk at

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We know that dance is an expensive endeavor, so if you’re still on the fence, give a trial class a shot! Our trial class system provides an opportunity for dancers to see what it’s like to dance with us before enrolling. Furthermore, each of our teachers is welcoming to all new students, and will give you a wonderful first-time experience.

Lastly, let’s talk about the affordability of the trial class. Each trial class is just $20! To sweeten the deal, if you enroll (or for adults, if you purchase a 10 Class Pass) within a week of your trial class, we’ll apply the $20 trial fee to your registration fee! So that means that you get that $20 back! And so you can see, there’s really no reason to not sign up for a trial class.