Why we love International Academy of Dance

Read some of the kindest words our students have said about this studio, in this testimonials for IAD page! We help cultivate lasting friendships and a deep love for dance here at the International Academy of Dance. But don’t just take our IAD testimonials at face-value, please come in and trial a class so you can see for yourself what all the rave is about! We’d love to dance with you. Sign up here.

  • The summer program at IAD that my daughter participated in was a turning point for her in regard to her dancing ability. She had fun, worked hard, was exposed to different types of dance and had amazing, gifted teachers.

    Laura Sampson
  • I am so happy that we can be a part of this great dance school that combines excellent technique with such a positive, nurturing attitude and philosophy! Thank you!!

    Bari Morgan Miller

  • Diana brings her upbeat style of teaching to adults and youth alike. We gain grace and rhythm while improving our posture, and test our limits of strength and balance. All the while we gain confidence, laugh at our lapses, and leave class humming the themes from classical music. Who knew that doing what was good for us could be so much fun? Diana’s contagious enthusiasm for the art of ballet is one of Santa Cruz County’s best kept secrets.

    Shirley G.Daina Rose's dance student
  • You have not only helped make my first dance experience a memorable one, but your positive attitude, infectious laugh and thoughtfulness has been an inspiration to me. You’re a beautiful soul that radiates like the sun and that is a rare find indeed.

    LoressaMr. C's dance student

  • We are fans of this dance school. The owner leads the little kids classes and she’s such a nice, generous, organized person. There is a lot of fairytale stuff in my daughter’s class, and the teacher/owner is very playful with the kids and knows how to work with young children. Her helpers are very sweet too. The facilities are really nice, plenty of room to watch your child in class. The families who go here also seem really nice.

    Big M.
  • My daughter has been with International Academy of Dance for three years now. Needless to say, she is looking forward to many more years to come. This is due in large part to the vision and mission of this dance studio, “Dance for the joy of it!” Shannon Cullem and the other instructors instill a desire for excellence in the technical aspects of dance but also the feeling of joy and beauty that can be felt through dance. My daughter has grown in both aspects over these past three years and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the teachers, the beautiful space to practice in and the good friendships that have been developed among my daughter and her dancing friends as they all “Dance for the joy of it!”

    Chelsea W.

Did you enjoy these testimonials for IAD? Don’t just take their word for it, come trial a class with us and see for yourself! Sign up here! Don’t know which class you want to take? Go to this page and click to open the Class Descriptions Document, center-page. Or you’d like to pick by instructor? Visit our Staff page to learn more about them and their teaching offerings!