Exciting News! We’re getting GLOWED UP!

IAD is GLOWing!

We are excited to announce that our Storybook Summer Camps (and TBA Ninja Hip-Hop Camps) will have an exciting after-party option at Ready. Set. Glow! Recently we’ve been trying out the collaboration with our neighbor, Ready. Set. Glow!, and will be hosting classes as well as camps over there this summer.

Ready. Set. Glow! with IAD

Ready. Set. Glow! is more than just Birthday Parties

With IAD taking over the traditionally birthday-party centric space, we’ll be able to offer groovy glow-in-the-dark dance classes there as well! This week we’ve already trialed a hip-hop class over there, and the kids had a blast. Stay tuned for exciting updates about our class offerings in the new space!

Summer Camp After Party at Ready. Set. Glow!

Have you always loved playing on obstacle courses, scaling rock walls, or playing dodgeball with your friends? Well — all of those activities just got GLOWED up. At Ready. Set. Glow! you can do all of these things, but in the dark with nothing but neon lights to guide you. And if you sign up for any of our Summer Camps, you have the option of having access to these incredible activities. Just sign up for the After Party (only an extra $150 per camp)!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this glow up

Many new things will come from this new space, and we couldn’t be happier. Come check out our Summer Camp After Party, or stay tuned for all the other wild activities that we’ll be hosting at Ready. Set. Glow! soon.

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