Competition Season — Go Girls!

It’s time for Competitions!

And our girls will be competing at a few different places this year, some of them for the first time ever! We’re so proud of them. Please wish them luck, as they’ve worked so hard for so long! They’re heading into their first competition season, and we can’t wait to see them perform!

Competition Season IAD Go girls!

After training for competition, the time has finally come

For our girls to show off their skills at many different competitions! We have two competing groups this year, our levels III & IV, and levels V & VI. Each group has their own group number, as well as duos/trios for each member. They’ve been working hard since last summer to show off their moves and groves. Overall, it’s been an extraordinary bonding experience for all members, as the girls have been dancing together for quite a while now! Forming strong bonds of friendship and mutual respect, they’re sure to make great memories at the competitions this season!

Dancing… with a mask on?

We know these times have been trying for everyone. But hopefully (fingers crossed) we’re on our way out of this pandemic. Believe it or not, but times are a-changing, as mask mandates begin to lift everywhere. Our girls will be able to perform without masks on. All audience members (and performers when not on stage) will continue to be masked though. We’re grateful for this improvement, and that the whole audience gets to see their smiling faces!

Training for competition season is no joke

We ran the numbers, and our level III/IV girls are dancing 9.5 hours a week on average (getting as high as 11.5 hours a week!). Our level V/VI girls are dancing 14 hours a week on average (some girls dancing 15.5 hours a week!). And it’s not even including extra rehearsals for performances. Now that’s commitment. Even more, some of our dancers have been with us since they were little tutus (3.5 years old!). If you think you’d like your little dancer to join in the fun, we have classes for all ages, in multiple different styles! Sign up today.


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