4 Reasons to Dance With Us on Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the International Academy of Dance

Valentine's Day 4 Reasons to Dance with IAD

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so why not come in to IAD and dance with us? Here are 4 reasons you should come in and dance with us on Valentine’s Day! And better yet, bring your love, friend, or platonic life partner. The more the merrier, so let’s get celebrating this day of love.

4. Dancing is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day is the ideal date to ask out your long-time crush, and why not go dancing with them? Historically, dancing is used as a courting ritual (and this research isn’t limited to humans, either!). And Ballet in particular may be a choice dance form, as its expansive and graceful movements allow for ample expressions of love. New to Ballet? Fret not! We have many Adult courses perfect for beginners, and even online options (in case you didn’t want to get out of your pajamas).

3. Ballet is Romantic… And Good For You!

You don’t need a partner to enjoy the romanticism of ballet. Through the ages, ballet developed into a style that has a quality of weightlessness and flying. Many famous ballet plays were even influenced by romantic literature. So what’s more appropriate than making your beau feel like a beautiful swan on this special day? Not to mention the vast physical and mental benefits that come from dancing. Still not sold? We even have a special offer—trial any adult class ($20), and if you get a 10 Class Pass within a week of the trial, we’ll credit the $20! Reducing the pass from $195 to $175. Get it while the getting’s good.

2. We Have More Than Just Ballet

If ballet doesn’t sound the most appealing to you, worry not! We’ve got more than just ballet at this versatile studio. We offer Tap, Modern, and Folk Dance for our adult classes, each with wonderful teachers and enthusiastic students. You’ll feel at home in no time at our studio, so grab a friend and come check us out! (Already convinced? Sign up here to get started!)

1. Here, we Dance for JOY

Here at the International Academy of Dance, we dance for joy! It’s a well-known fact that this studio emphasizes joy just as much as proper technique, choreography, and artist expression. And this loving community is all the more welcoming on Cupid’s special day. If you’re looking for a fun and rejuvenating way to spend your V-Day, look no further. We love to dance, and we hope to share it with you on this special Valentine’s Day!


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