How to Start Dancing Ballet, Right in Your Home!

Have you always dreamed of being a ballerina? It’s never too late to start, and now you can be (in the comfort of your own home!). Read on to see our How-To guide for the absolute beginner ballerina. If you’re just beginning ballet, or looking for ways to have a sustained practice, look no further!

Step 1: Make the commitment to beginning ballet

Stepping into ballet slippers can be daunting, but it’s the first step towards dancing! Pro tip: socks do just fine (at first) if you don’t want the financial strain, but even in socks you have to buckle down and commit to doing it. The first step seems simple, but can be the most difficult to maintain: making an agreement with yourself to follow through on your commitments, and achieve your dreams. Having support helps, so even if you’re not coming into studio, have a friend hold you accountable (consider a simple Accountability Agreement).

Step 2: Make a space for ballet (in your home!)

Dancing doesn’t only happen in the studio! For a sustained practice, it’s best to continue it in your own home. Find a place you can stretch and move in, and commit to using it in the mornings and evenings. Stretching is good for you, and a great way to get up and go to sleep. Start developing an in-home routine, and you’ll see yourself improve in no time.

Step 3: Get instruction from professionals

If you have a local studio that offers basic beginning ballet classes (for adults), then lucky you! In-studio classes done in conjunction with at-home practice is the best way to achieve your dancing dreams. If you don’t have a studio you can go to in-person, don’t panic—you can start with Youtube videos (free!) or find Online Ballet Courses for a more structured experience. Receiving instructions from professionals is important so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

Step 4: Keep on dancing!

The secret to being a dancer is doing it every day. While it’s important to give your body breaks, the best thing you can do for yourself is develop a routine that includes dancing, breaks, and long-term goals. Some people like going to the same class every week, while others enjoy just committing a certain amount of time to it. Find out what works for you, and you’ll achieve your goals!

That’s it! We hope this guide was helpful

The secret to achieving our goals is to just do it and keep doing it. Of course, part of “doing it” is listening to your body, and sometimes we need breaks. So don’t over do it either! We hope that this guide was helpful and you learned the first steps to becoming a dancer. Whether you’re dancing at home or in the studio, we’re just glad that you’re dancing for joy!

Ready to get started? Go here for a free Posture Video!

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