Dance Auditions in Santa Cruz (JBS)

Audition for Joffrey Ballet School of Dance

Joffrey Ballet School Auditions at IAD

Are you a dancer in Santa Cruz? Have you always wanted to dance with the best? March 13th is your chance, as Joffrey Ballet School will be auditioning for their summer and year-long programs. And (lucky for you IADancers), the auditions are happening right here at the IAD studio. The Joffrey Ballet Dance Auditions are happening right here, in our studio in Santa Cruz, so don’t miss out!

It’s Not Just Ballet!

That’s right—Joffrey Ballet School is exemplary in more than just ballet. Auditions will be for Ballet, Jazz/Contemporary, Musical Theater, and Hip-Hop. So even if you’re not a prima ballerina, there’s sure to be a style you love in these auditions.

Audition Details

Audition call-times start at 11:30AM, and go until 6:30PM. Each audition lasts an hour and a half, and the schedule is as follows:

Ballet (Ages 8-25)
Check-in: 11:30-12:00PM
Audition: 12:00-1:30PM

Jazz & Contemporary (Ages 8-25)
Check-in: 1:30-2:00PM
Audition: 2:00-3:30PM

Musical Theater (Ages 10-25)
Check-in: 3:00-3:30PM
Audition: 3:30-5:00PM

Hip Hop (Ages 10-25)
Check-in: 4:30-5:00PM
Audition: 5:00-6:30PM

For additional audition details, COVID policies, and more go here.

It’s Not Just About Getting In

Even if you don’t think you’re going to go to NY, consider coming to the Joffrey Ballet Dance Auditions anyway! It’ll be plenty of fun and a great experience for dancers of all experience levels. Auditioning is a great way to experience new teachers, choreographies, and environments, even if you don’t intend to “get in.” Like going to a job interview, the more auditions you go to the better you get at them! And the experience is priceless.

Auditions are Open to Everyone

Lastly, we want you to know that this audition is open to everyone. Even if you’re not an IADancer (Want to be? Sign up here), we still want you to come, see our lovely studio, and audition for Joffrey! We hope to see you at our studio on March 13th. Check out the Facebook event.

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