Another Wonderful Year…

As the year of the tutu (twenty-tutu) comes to an end, we’d like to take a moment and reflect on all the magic that’s happened. 2022 was such a wonderful year of dance!

Level IV Dancing En Pointe

Some of our level IV Dancers began dancing en pointe this year! As everyone knows, this is a HUGE step in their lives as dancers, and we couldn’t be prouder! Some of them even danced en pointe for a performance for the first time in this year’s Nutcracker.

En Pointe IV Dancers

Ready. Set. Glow!

We both adopted Ready. Set. Glow! and dismantled Ready. Set. Glow! this year, in a glorious attempt in reviving the dying Party Center. It was so much fun having Hip-Hop classes, Summer Camps, and parties right next door! Unfortunately, we had to close the place (boy, was it hard running two businesses). But we will always carry the memories of Ready. Set. Glow!

Ready. Set. Glow! Party

The first June Pro–in May!

While in all the past years, our Spring production (commonly known as the June Pro) was in May instead of June. It was so much fun putting together Dance for JOY!, our Showcase production that had a dance from every class. We can’t wait for the Spring production to happen again this year! If you’d like to join this year’s spring production, sign up for a trial class today!

IAD dancers agree that this is a great dance studio, and place to take dance classes

First Competition Season Ever!

Another first for our Level IVs, our Lyrical/Jazz Performance Team IV competed in multiple competitions and conventions this year. They worked hard all year, and were able to strut their stuff. We couldn’t be more proud of them!

Level IV Competition Dancers

In short, we had a wonderful year!

The year of the twenty-tutu treated us exceptionally well, and we can’t wait for next year! We are so grateful for our wonderful teachers, students, and larger community. If you’re reading this, we’re grateful to YOU!

Happy Holidays everyone 🙂