Nutcracker Souvenir Program Contests – Submit Now!

This year, we’re making the Nutcracker *extra* magical! How? Well—in addition to all of our usual magic—we’re hosting four different Nutcracker Souvenir Program Contests! That’s right, we’re planning on offering an extra-large, extra-colorful, extra-nutcracker program. Made specifically to be a keepsake, this program will be jam-packed with festive content—some of which YOU can make!

Enter the Contests to be Published in the Program!

We’re having 4 different contests in 4 different areas: art, writing, trivia, and crosswords/puzzles. Feel free to submit to one or all by November 15th, and we’ll pick some to be published in the program. The contests are open to all ages, so you have no excuse not to submit!

Learn more about the contests here, or see the submissions form here.

Nutcracker Souvenir Program Contests - Submit now!

Let’s Jam (Game On)

While all of our other contests are pretty self explanatory (you submit visual work to art, and text-based work to writing), the crossword category may feel a bit harder. So what do we mean by crosswords and puzzles? Well—crosswords are a pretty neato word-based game, popular in many newspapers and magazines.

But the contest is open to all printable Nutcracker-themed puzzles, games, or playable media! You can create a nifty crossword (here’s a nice free online generator), a word search, a cryptogram, or any other thing that can be printed and played! The sky’s the limit, so have fun 🙂

To support this category, we’re also hosting a game jam. A game jam is an event where participants come together and make games! Most game jams have some sort of theme (but they don’t have to), and in the end it participants play (and sometimes rate!) each other’s games. In the context of the Nutcracker Souvenir Program, it’s a great way to get feedback on your work!

A Cheers to our Community

As with all things, we couldn’t have done it without you. We’re so grateful for our International Academy of Dance and Santa Cruz City Ballet community. And we’re so excited to put together a memorable Program! We want you to be able to cherish these programs for many years to come. So please, submit to the Nutcracker Souvenir Program Contests today!