New! Summer Dance Class Extension

We’re excited to announce that our Summer Dance Class Extension will let our Summer Teen/Adult classes go on for one more week. We were originally going to end the summer on August 6th, but it just got longer!  So what are you waiting for? Join us for the new special last week of summer, before the Fall/Spring schedule kicks in.

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Summer Dane Class Extension

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So what does the extension look like?

The extra week of Summer Session is your chance to get some more dance in, before the Fall! We will be open until August 14th, and closed August 15th,  August 16th, and August 17th.

What if I want to dance after August 14th?

If IAD being closed makes you sad—fear not! For on August 18th, we will be starting our Fall/Spring schedule! Sign up for Fall/Spring classes here*Please note: Fall/Spring Adult schedule has not been released yet. Please stay tuned for updates for our Adult Fall/Spring Schedule!

It’s not too late to enjoy the last week of summer dance classes, here at the International Academy of Dance! So what are you waiting for? Hop on board and join us for the last week of summer, thanks to our Summer Dance Class Extension!