Thank you so much for coming to our show!

Please see the programs for our current shows here:

Spooky Nutcracker Program

Spooky Nutcracker Nightmare Before Nutcracker Dance Performance International Academy of Dance Programs

What’s new at IAD?

If you’re already seeing this show, then you already know some of the magic of IAD! At the International Academy of Dance, we offer premier dance classes to dancers young and old.

New Student Special!

Were blown away by the magic of the Nightmare before Nutcracker? Do you want to start your own dance journey? Then we have a special new deal for you! If you sign up for dance classes in November, we’ll give you December free! Please note, this special only applies to dancers in our child/teen programs; for adults, we offer our $20 Trial Class Credit, which can be applied to the purchase of a 10 Class Pass if you purchase one within a week of the trial class!

Sign up for a trial class here! (To get the special, just mention it in the form, or to the Front Desk!)

New Keepsake Digital Programs!

We’ve created this new Programs page, which will house all our digital programs moving forward. This way, you can download the program and hold onto it as a keepsake! Please do actually download the program onto your device—we may take it down in the future.