Children and Teen Dance FAQs

How often are classes offered?

Most classes offered one day/week with the exception of the Ballet Training Program. Choose any combination of these one day/week classes to create a dance program suited to your schedule and preferences.

Do you offer discounts on classes?

Discounts are offered for enrolling in more than one class. If you would like to sign up for multiple classes or sign up more than one family member, please enroll through the front desk to receive multi-class & sibling discounts.

How do I register my child for classes?

Go to our Registration portal here.

Do classes go year round?

Children’s fall/spring classes continue for the duration of the school year and culminate with a large scale production in June. Enrollment is open all year through April 15th on a space available basis.

What is the environment like at IAD?

IAD offers nurturing, professional classes in a state of the art facility with a team of professional instructors.

What are the important dates I need to know for IAD?

See our Studio Calendar page for children and teens here.

Can my child be a part of the Nutcracker?

Students ages 4 and up are invited to participate in our annual Nutcracker at Cabrillo’s Crocker Theater. Nutcracker is an opportunity for young dancers to work alongside Company members, professionals from within the community and elite professional dancers. Keep updated on all things Nutcracker here.

What is the Ballet Training Program?

At the heart of IAD is our Ballet Training Program (Ballet I II III IV V). It is a sequential approach to learning ballet starting with the basic principles of Classical Ballet in Level I and progressing through Level V (Company). This system utilizes the natural development and continuation of the traditions in the Russian (Vagonova) school of ballet, encompassing both ballet technique and ballet as an expressive art form.

Ballet is a strong foundation for all dance forms, building confidence, balance, coordination and focus, while developing artistry. From a strong base in Ballet, dancers develop line, stamina, concentration and grace optimal for many movement forms, as well as life itself. Did you know that most serious Ballet dancers are straight A honor students, taking the most advanced classes their schools offer?

The Ballet Training Program requires discipline, drive and motivation. Attention to proper dress code and etiquette, as well as a commitment to timeliness and attendance are mandatory. Visit the Ballet Training Program page to get more information on schedule and tuition.

Do you have new student specials or trial classes?

Please enquire with our front desk for more information on new student specials & our trial class policy at (831) 466-0458.

Can I watch my child dance during class?

Parents, caregivers and friends will have the opportunity to observer their dancers on pre-scheduled observation days. You can find these dates above.