Absolute Beginning Ballet Class with Diana Rose

Beginning Ballet

Calling All Beginners!


About Absolute Beginning Ballet with Diana Rose

Join us for this exceptional opportunity, Absolute Beginning Ballet. Our premiere instructor, Diana Rose, loves to dance and teach dance to absolute beginners. Meeting you with compassion and excitement, Diana will guide you through the techniques of ballet. She emphasizes meeting your body where you are, and enjoying the special splendor of feeling yourself glide through the movement. If you’re an absolute beginner who’s always wanted to dance ballet, this is the class for you!


Goals of the class

Finally… A ballet class for the true beginner. Learn posture, alignment and the basic steps of ballet, in this class for absolute beginners! Diana Rose will help you improve flexibility, strength and coordination. Gain confidence, core stability, musicality and a true appreciation of the technique and art of ballet. It’s never too late to start!

How to join

Please choose the “Adult Dance 6 Week Workshop” payment option to enroll in the class for the full six week session for $84. There will be an option for Absolute Beginning Ballet with Diana Rose. That’s the ticket!

Please note: if there are not enough dancers enrolled in the full six week session, the class is subject to cancelation. This option allows you to save $2/class from the drop-in fee and ensures that you attend as many classes as possible to gain the maximum benefit from the series.

Thursdays, June 25th – July 30th at 6:30pm
$84 for the full six-week session (save $2/class from the drop-in fee)

To learn more about Diana Rose, visit our Staff page. To learn more about the classes offered, visit here and click to open the Class Descriptions document, center-page.

Interested in this class series but can’t make the time? Reach out to us via our contact form, phone number, or email, and we’ll see if we can work with Diana in scheduling a class time that works for you! No promises, but here at IAD we want you to Dance with JOY!