The IAD Story

Dance for JOY!

The International Academy of Dance is home of the Santa Cruz City Ballet and provides many performing opportunities for dancers, including the annual Nutcracker at Cabrillo’s Crocker Theater and a large scale production in June.

Classical Ballet training is at the heart of our training curriculum, as well as expert classes in Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Tap and Dance Conditioning. We encourage all dancers to become well versed in many styles so they are strong in any technique and ready for the choreographic challenges of today’s blending styles. IAD dancers are empowered and versatile, strong and powerful — on stage and off.

IAD provides professional training for dancers of all ages and abilities in a warm and encouraging atmosphere. Each instructor is an accomplished artist and considers each dancer’s safety, along with physical, mental and emotional wellness – while approaching technique and performance with laser focus and the highest realistic expectations based on achievable goals.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of dance classes including two year old “Little Tutu” students, kids and adults looking for an enjoyable way to exercise, professional dancers looking for a great class to drop-into and pre-professional students ready to take on the invigorating discipline of pursuing a career in Classical Ballet, Broadway or Beyond!

IAD is equipped with a spacious state of the art facility with four beautiful studios with sprung floors and the same Marley dance surface used by the Royal Ballet to reduce injury and fatigue in the ballet studios.

IAD currently has the only certified Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) instructor in the Bay Area, as well as instructors offering Vaganova, ABT, Pilates, Finis Jhung & Lisa Howell teaching certifications. We are continually striving to be the best we can be, so that we can help you achieve your dreams! Let’s continue to move forward together, one dance step at a time, finding the JOY and self-fulfillment learning to dance brings to our soles and our souls.

More than dance…dance is health, balance, poise, grace, joy, energy and synergistic motion. Join the movement to dance with JOY!