Woodland Fairy Tale – June 2019

Woodland Fairy Tale

International Academy of Dance presents our 15th June Production. Let the spirit of the forest move you and enjoy this new fairy tale, first performed by International Academy of Dance five years ago and written by Director, Shannon Chipman. This year, enjoy a new spin on an old favorite, with beautiful new dances, costumes and music! We can’t wait to share the fun this Father’s Day weekend…

There once was a fellow who lived in a shoe
No not a shoe…
In his office of yellow
His family did not see him
Sometimes day and night
For he was caught up
As the rest of us can be
Phone calls, emails
An evil boss and the usual
Calendar days ticked by
The meetings oy yoy yoy
His beard grew gray his eyes a shade of clay
His heart was heavy and he dreamed of a day to escape
Leaving the daily grind behind
Off to the woods
To a woodland meadow
Beneath the soft shade of the redwood canopy
Where time is measured by the banana slug
And how fast he might propel himself
To the next spade of grass,
Fresh air laden with butterflies
Soaring winds
Streams, birds, moss covered branches
Peaceful tranquility
Meet our fellow
As he begins this tale In the pale light of day
He finds his way…

Join our fellow who works too much and cant survive without Internet or cell phone, and is taken away to the forest by ladybugs, where he learns a thing or two about himself and life in the process. The story unwinds through dance and poetry as we are swept up by the lyrical wind and meet hip-hop squirrels, tiny ballet bunnies and fairy tale favorites, Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and of course an Evil Queen, along the way.

Event Details:
Where: Colligan Theater – 1010 River Street
When: Friday, June 14th @ 7:00pm
Saturday, June 15th @ 1:00pm & 4:30pm
Sunday, June 16th @ 1:00pm & 4:30pm
Tickets: $18 – $25